One Cut Of The Dead 9.9

One Cut Of The Dead (2017)


2017 (Japan) Dir: Shinichiro Ueda Screenplay: Shinichiro Ueda no spoilers I rolled my eyes at the idea of another zombie comedy movie being billed as…

Hitman: Agent 47 1

Hitman: Agent 47 (2015)


After sitting through this soul crunchingly shit movie, I had to seek religion to find a point because nothing in my life made sense anymore

mother! 2017 2

mother! (2017)


One critic has said, ‘The world is lucky to have Mother! I am lucky to have witnessed it.’ Really? Whose dick are you trying to suck with that bullshit?

Martyrs 1

Martyrs (2008)


Martyrs 2008 Dir: Pascal Laugier One seventh of the way through this snorefest of just-because-I-can-gore, I slipped away from the films whisper light grip on my attention…